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Friday, October 14, 2011

DID YOU KNOW: In South America hunters have a unique way of catching monkeys? They put nuts in narrow necked, heavy bottomed jars. The monkeys, loving the smell of the nuts, and knowing they are in for a yummy treat, will grab the nuts at the bottom of the jar. Due to the narrow neck of the jar, the hand that went in easily won't come out when holding the nuts in their fist.

The monkeys, not
wanting to lose the tasty treat, will not let go of the nut. They stay there at that jar that is too heavy to lift with their fist clenched around a nut that they will never get to eat. The hunters come around and simply pick up the monkeys that have been sitting there.

The monkeys could have easily escaped capture if only they had let go of that nut.

What are you holding onto in your life that isn't serving you, that isn't letting you move from where you are?

Letting go is one of the things that we learn about in classes and coaching at Practice Living Joy. Please get in touch if you want to learn more! or 620-860-4811

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