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Friday, January 20, 2012

Little Things Matter

 I know it is just a crazy little random thing, but sometimes little things make a perfectly bright and wonderful day just a little more perfect and a little more bright and wonderful!

So, at least twice a week, sometimes more often, I stop by Spangles (a burger chain based in Kansas) before going to work and I almost always get the same thing, a plain bagel, a side of hashbrown nuggets (tater-tots -- yum!) and a large iced tea with extra ice.

This morning I did that very same thing, just kind of a routine thing.  The young lady that was working the drive-thru window greeted me with a huge smile and said, "Are you always so nice?"  I was kind of thrown for a loop, but I stammered, "Well, I hope so!", and she said, "Well, it just always makes me smile!  Thanks!"

She turned to get my order and a co-worker looked at her and said, "Did you just ask her if she's always nice?"  and she said, "She is, she always is, and it makes me happy."  (I don't think I was suppose to hear that part, but I did.)

ANYWAY, I was thinking, wow, I didn't do anything extraordinary or anything extra kind really, but I WAS courteous and cheerful, which I always try to be.  I always try to say please and thank you and be cheerful to everyone including those that are "serving" me (as through the drive-thru).  I know you all do that, too, but wow, her saying she appreciated it just MADE MY DAY!!  I am sure that not everyone that she interacts with in any given day use those common niceties.  So, ladies and gents, just being your BEAUTIFUL, KIND, WONDERFUL selves, YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE to someone!  SMILE!  The world needs your love!

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