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Monday, March 26, 2012

Always Learning, Always Growing

Learning and expanding your knowledge is essential to living.  I believe this is so true.  Because I believe this, I surround myself with all kinds of books, CDs, DVDs and other learning tools.  These are all important, but the most important learning tool is experience.  So, I also try to get in some great experiences. 

My theme for this year is ADVENTURE.  I began this year of adventure kind of slow, working my way into adventure.  It can be scary.  It is stepping past your comfort zone.  This weekend I stepped way past my comfort zone.  I attended a two day immersion seminar in Denver, Colorado. 

Day one of the seminar concluded with board breaking.  I was expecting some little 1/4 inch thick board and wasn't too worried about it.  Then they pulled out the boards.  These suckers were THICK!  But, by golly, I nailed it!  I hit that board and it busted in two!  Empowering and suprisingly emotional for me.  I did have to step out of my comfort zone to do this, not because of the physical aspect of it (although it isn't something that I had ever really thought of doing).  I stepped out of my comfort zone because the set up for the physical act took looking at a fear, owning it, getting angry with it and releasing it.  Those of you who know me, know that the path that resonates for me is that life is easy and joyful, and this was the exact opposite of that.  It is taking something unpleasant out of the box and really examining it.  Getting angry with it.  Nothing fun or joyful about that!  Right.  Right? Hmmm...

Day two of the seminar concluded with firewalking.  Okay, so we didn't actually walk through flames, but really hot coals.  Really HOT.  I was pumped for this.  This is why I signed up for this intensive immersion seminar.  If I can walk across coals, I can do anything.  A N Y T H I N G!  And guess what, I did walk across those coals.  Blisters? Not a single one!  Again, though, the stepping out of my comfort zone, although the physical act absolutely qualified, was the set up to prep for it.  Again it had to do with picking up that ugliness out of the box and examining it.  YUCK!  But the up side, other than the absolute high and wonderful feeling of empowerment, was the incredible focus not on that ugliness that had been tucked away in the box... that was tossed aside, into the fire, but the total focus on what fills that void.  What we are replacing that horrible ugly thing with.  Hooray.  A new intention.  A new focus.  A new me.  A TRANSFORMATION. 

So, does it sound hokey?  Yeah.  Even as I'm reading what I have typed.  Does it feel hokey?  No.  Not even a little.  I feel like a new person.  I learned so much.  I have new skills, new tools.  I have a new appreciation for me.  For what I am capable of. 

Life is experiences.  One of the speakers said, "If you aren't learning, you are dying."  I had heard it before, I had known its truth.  I am more clear on the truth in that statement now.  If you aren't learning, if you aren't experiencing, you are dying.  And it is your choice.  Take a chance.  Step out of your comfort zone.  Have an experience.  Do it.  Are you living or are you dying?

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